Friday, July 17, 2009

My Fav. Celebrity Cars!

Nick Jonas Car! A nice Classic!!
David Beckman's Car !!
One of the most flighest car in Hollywood, Iwould say!


Paris Hilton's Bentley!! Every Girls Dream Car!!
Maybe Shes The new Face For Mary-Kay! lol

Kim Kadashian Goth??

Is This Kim Kardashians new look??? lol her eyebrows arent really shaved!!!
dont worry!! lol but I suggest she stick with her natural look!!

Some Miley Pictures I found!

Just found some weird pics of Miley on twitter!!
and thought i share them!!! was miley crying in the
3rd pic? maybe she found out that nick didnt really like
her and that shes gunna lose her fans and
gunna lose all her money!!! hehehe

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Demi's Live Chat

Streaming .TV shows by Ustream

Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana!!

Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana primeres
tomarrow Friday, July 17, 2009 on disney channel
at 5:00 pm eastern time and 8pm pacific time!!!

update!! Demi Lovato live chat today!!!

Demi Lovatos live chat on facebook is gunna
be today thursday, july 16, 2009 at 5:00 pm

or---> "click here" for the live chat!!! here twitter is

Nickelodeon's icarly has been nominated for an Emmy
today! hope they win instead of the brain washing
disney channel shows! Hope we get to see Miley
Cyrus becuase icarly will beat them!!! Miranda
Crosgrove tweeted this morning all excited
about the show being nominated for an Emmy!

The "Fat, Funny" Kardashian loses 20 pounds!!

Khloe Kardashina loses 20 pounds! with the help of Her sister Kim Kardashian!

Mileys Is Not a KID no more! "What??"

What??? Miley Cyrus is proving that she
is no longer a "KID". She is on the 2009
August issue of Elle Magazine! showing
some cleavage on the cover and some s
lightly "sluty" pics!

Emily Osment Becoming a singer???

WTF???? I cant believe Emily Osment from
Hannah Montana is coming out with her
album on March 9, 2010!!?!!!! Whats up
with every celeb on disney channel becoming
singers! like seriously? I'm going to be the
first one NOT to buy it! There all Sell outs!!

Disney Shows Nominated for an the Emmy's!!!

Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana
(both on Disney channel) are both nomintaed for
an Emmy!! Both Cast Were notified This morning!
they all tweeted on twitter that they were all
excited!! Congrats!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Miley Cyrus Sluty Pics!!

Adam shakman posted some slutty Pictures
of Miley Cyrus on his twitter over 2 weeks ago
but were headlingover the internet and mostly
all over twitter! but people just said she
was just having some fun! or was she???
Miley Cyrus does havea rep for Sluty Pictures.
you never know??

Celebrity Live Chats On FaceBook!!

Lately Disney Celebrities have been Live chatting
With their fans on facebook! Aly And Aj have a Live Chat
Tomarrow on Facebook at 6pm Pacific Time! and Demi Lovato
aslo has a live chat tomarrow, Thursday, July 16, 2009 at
5pm pacific time too! Heres the links For The live chats below
Aly & Aj -->Facebook "click"
Demi Lovato-->Demi'sLiveChat

Ashley Tisdale's Tattoo!

So Apperently Ashley Tisdale,
(Disney Star From High School Musical 1, 2 &3)
now Has a tattoo some people have claimed
it says "believe". She was first Seen With
Her Tattoo on monday Afternoon outside
her home in Toluca Lake, California.
What Do You think Of Her Getting a tattoo???

Crazy Tweets!!

Ekk okay so lately on twitter teen disney stars have been
tweeting weird pictures of themselves. like Demi Lovato from
Sonny With A Chance and the only sluty Miley Cyrus! In One
Picture That Miley Cyrus Tweeted,her hair looked just
like medusa!!.also Did You Know That Miley Cyrus
Is the YoungestPerson To have a Million Followers??..

MTV Music Awards (VMA's)

It Has Been Confirmed that Taylor Swift Is gunna Some of the artist who are going to be performing at the 2009 VMA's and this years host is gunna be Russel Brand. This Year its going to be His 2nd year hosting. Hopefully he makes fun of the jonas brothers again! eek How Exciting??

My Blog

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I'm kinda confused but I'll figure it
do i create different blogs or do i just make
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Apperently Selena Gomez From Wizards Of Waverly Place was seen at Muvico 14 Theater in Thousand Oaks, California on Sunday, July 12, 2009 around 3 pm. Employees From The Theater were Saying She waas very braty and called security becuase fans were following her. I Always Though She Was a sweet heart until i heard this! that Same Day Audrina From The Hills Was Also Spotted there But She was nice. That Same Day, 20 Year old, David Henrie (From Wizards Of Waverly Place) was at Zuma Beach in malibu and then later that day he went to city walk in Universal City, Ca to watch "I Love You, Beth Cooper".


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